Monday, July 12, 2010

A nice day.

We are enjoying having N♡-'s sister (L♡♡) visit with us this summer from Spain.  It is hard to believe that it has already been two weeks since we picked her up at the airport.  Since we have been living at the pool with swim and dive team, I have not been able to take her as many places.  I am also a LOT slower this last month and the heat is getting to me.  Of course with 100 degree days, I think the heat is getting to everyone!  So today I made an effort to get L♡♡ to DC to see the White House and the Jefferson Memorial.  We got very lucky with parking-yeah!! yeah!!! yeah!!! My rule is you take 20 minutes of driving around for free or metered parking and after that you go home or pay.

Constitution Hall.  
We got to park here- this is barely a block from the White House.  See what I mean about getting a great parking spot!!
Elizabeth, Christopher, Rolo, Keener and L♡♡.  Thankfully it wasn't crowded.  Notice there is NOONE else in the photo- not a normal thing.
The White House.  
The  1st lady's vegetable garden is off to the left, but not visible in this picture.

Christopher and Elizabeth
Is it just me or are there a TON of fences in DC!

Of Course no matter where you go, all it takes is 
a simple flower to inspire a child. 
It just proves God knows best.

The National Christmas Tree without all the gaudy decorations. 

Crazy Picture of kids at backside of Jefferson Memorial.  

In Front of Memorial

A Memorial can be fun.

and a little "arty" too.

And to make the day even better for me.  They KNEW who Jefferson was, remembered seeing his home last year and that he sent Lewis and Clark off on their expedition.  Ahhh, a little reward for their teacher!

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Anonymous said...

such great pics! we love making that trip down to the monuments. it's such a blast. The kids love to pose at the FDR memorial in front of the waterfalls!! :o)