Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2nd String

The past few months I have listened to Taylor Swift a LOT. Her music really reaches out to a lonely soul and makes me remember all the things I love about Honey. Probably my favorite song is "Breathe" .
Now I know that the song is about a breakup, but many of the emotions of a break up are similar to being separated.
"...I don't know what to be without you around"
"...I can't breathe without you, but I have too"
"... Your the only thing I know like the back of my hand"
After being married for 12.5 years it is quite an adjustment to not have Honey around every day. We often spent time apart during the first few years of our married life while he was out to sea. But, once he left the Navy for corporate life 7 years ago, I have gotten to enjoy having him around. It is amazing how much you can take a person for granted because they are with you every day. You just expect them to be there to help with little things like getting milk from the store or filling up the car with gas. I hate filling up the car so much. I can not tell you how many times I have pulled up to the gas pump, gotten out of the car, and then realized that the car was too far away or that I pulled up to the wrong side. I feel like a moron when it happens, but I was used to Honey taking care of these things for me. When your team is no longer together, you feel abandoned and like you have no chance of winning the game. This is where the 2nd string must come in to help. I have been lucky in life to know a great many wonderful people. Luckily, these people have come in to help me. Friends like these are worth their weight in gold.

You can watch the video and hear the song here.

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