Monday, August 10, 2009

Go figure?

Here's one [unexpected] thing about Honey's flight from Kabul to Kuwait that bugged me.
The Army sent the soldiers on a flight that mustered at 1:00 PM. It left Kabul at 7:00 PM. The plane landed in Kuwait 6 hours later. During the entire time the Army didn't feed them!
Honey (being the non-complainer that he is) said "Well, it wasn't a commercial flight. It's not like they have stewardesses."
Well, sure, ...but someone got paid to feed those 60 people. And seeing as how the military invented the MRE's (Meal's Ready to Eat for you non military types), It's not like there wasn't an ability to give everyone a quick (albeit bad meal). Annoying. I guess feeding the troops is not a priority.

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