Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kicked in the right direction.

I met up with one of my dear friends today.  She is very good at helping me to focus on the important things in life and clear away the distractions.  I think we all needs friends like this.  She makes me realize the wonderful things about myself.  I mean this in the most humble way possible.  Often we only focus on our problems, fears and shortcomings.  How many times have you thought today, "I am so wonderful! I am so beautiful! I am so smart!  I am such a great mother!  I got everything done today!"??    More often it is the opposite.  Trust me, I am no Positive Polly.  I have faults, my biggest by far is the ability to stay on target.  I am great at the starting gate and great at the finish line, but the middle of the race is my biggest weakness.  Why else would it take me months to start blogging again?  It is actually one reason that I took my kids cross country in the middle of Honey's deployment.  We all needed something to look forward to and something to get us over the hill, so we could see the end of our journey without Honey.  Sometimes (like with the deployment), you know that you will hit that roadblock and will need a kick to restart you in the right direction.  Other times you just can't anticipate what will come.  This is when good friends come in handy.  They are not afraid to tell you the truth.  I am so thankful for my friends who help me over that block in the road, without them I would be still staring at this computer screen wondering what to type.

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Mary said...

ANYTIME Chica! You are a wonderful mother, teacher, wife and friend. Now have you made those room lists yet?? Just checking...
Love Ya!