Monday, February 8, 2010

Patience is a Virtue that my dog should teach.

I do not know how I got so lucky when I chose our dog.  A small part is due to the fact that I am one to do research first.  I looked at criteria for good family dogs since we planned on having kids; dogs that were easy to train, since this would be my first time training a dog; and how to choose the right puppy/dog.  I looked at 5 litters of puppies and the local shelter before choosing our sweet dog.  Most people are surprised that I looked at 5 litters.  The average person looks at 1, and fall in love with the "cute" puppy.  I was lucky enough to read a book that reminded me that ALL puppies are cute.  I needed to look for the qualities that I desired.  Trust me when I say that it was REALLY hard to look at a sweet little puppy and walk away.  It was also hard to go to the shelter and see all the animals and not get one.  Of course we did not leave the shelter empty handed, our kitty came from the shelter.  When we did get our sweet puppy, she had all the qualities that we had been looking for and I am grateful that I put forth the effort.  She is so kind and patient, has never growled at a full grown dog and only once at a puppy (that NEEDED to be reminded that he was not the boss).  She rarely barks and has never bared her teeth at anything.  She is truly a very good natured & sweet tempered dog. 
The kids love her and sometimes more than she needs, as witnessed here:
What a hard life...      for the dog!

Poor puppy!

I would get mad at Keener for abusing our poor dog, but she was trying to snuggle with her.  She really loves our puppy very much, but being almost 3, she forgets that she might be hurting her when she is trying to love her.

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Charity said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog post. I really appreciate all of the feedback you sent me and will be adding it to my notebook for future reference. We will be living on post, so we will have tons of kids around for them to become friends with over the summer. Thanks again~Charity