Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whoo Hoo For Me! I can now be president!

So I had my birthday last week in the middle of the snowstorms.  It was sort of hard to get  excited about it since I was stuck in the house AGAIN looking at fluffy whiteness.  But the good news is that I am now eligible to be the President of the United States.  Look Out Obama, I might just run against you! Yes I passed to that tender young age of 35.  But don't tell my kids, I keep telling them I'm 29! Which is not exactly a lie, I am 29 years and 2192 days!
    It has always been fun celebrating my birthday because I am a twin.  I am never alone and I always have a birthday buddy.  Ironically I have met over 30 people in my life who had the same birthday and even dated a guy whose birthday was the day before mine.  And his roommate's birthday was the same as mine.  Weird right?  I even share my birthday with William Henry Harrison (9th President, known for the serving the shortest time as president.)  My sister and I always get together to celebrate and just enjoy each other and our families.  This year was a little delayed because of the weather, but I got to celebrate with her today.  We let the kids play and our husbands got take out for us, which left us to chit chat and relaxation. Trust me when I say that this is SOOO much easier than dealing with 7 kids in a restaurant.

I am so grateful to have my sister, I love you sis and I am so very happy to share my birthday.  Here's to celebrating many more, even if we don't run for president.  Of course I should never say never...

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Mary said...

I hope it was the best one yet!!