Monday, February 8, 2010

What size is this?

I have a terrible time trying to find clothes for Elizabeth.  She is so skinny, and unfortunately as Americans get fatter and fatter, the child sizes do as well, so a child's size 10 is actually larger than it was when I was a child  (a 10 now is what a 10X used to be).   I have made or altered a majority of her clothes to fit her.  I actually tend to retire her clothing because I am tired of seeing her in the same outfit, rather than her actually outgrowing an outfit.   To illustrate this point, she put on a shirt that was Keeners.

It is obviously short at the waist, but it looks just like a summer crop top. She can do the same with a lot of Keener's sweaters.  So I must ask, what size is this shirt really?

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SAHMinIL said...

I don't know what size it suppose to be, but I know at times I get frustrated when trying to buy for my daughter. With dresses for example I have to buy 2-3 dress size LARGE then what she should be just so it will fall and fit her in a way that I think is more acceptable.