Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowmageddon, Will somebody please shoot that groundhog!

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I am feeling a little sick of all the snow.  Our third snowstorm this week brought us the "Snowmaggedon" We had already had 4 inches last Saturday and 4 inches on Wednesday.  I know all you people from Buffalo, NY and North Dakota are telling us to just calm down, but it's a LOT of snow for us.  We don't all have snow tires, chains, snowmobiles and snowblowers only SOME of us have shovels, and the very few have snowblowers.  This is not normal for us, and no it's not due to global warming or climate change (Please! What a bunch of malarkey!).  It's because we were due a big storm or two, or three, or .....       I just think there are cycles to weather and we drew the snow card this year.   That said, my back is hurting from all the shoveling and saying that I am tired would be an understatement.  Honey and I have shoveled around 30 inches of snow from the driveway and sidewalk and cleaned off the cars.  He did a lot more work than I did, and it is moments like this that I am SO grateful that I have such a hardworking man for my husband.  I don't know what I'd do without him. (Well, maybe I do... but let's not repeat last year.  I'm SOOOO much happier with him home!)

I am going to leave you for now with our pictures from all the snow, but if you see any groundhogs, would you PLEASE shoot them.  I don't think I can bear much more of this... of course there is the storm that's coming on Tuesday (sigh, sigh, sigh.......)

This is actually from the Wednesday storm.

This is also from the Wednesday storm, but such a sweet smile!

You know you have a lot of snow if you come out for the second round of digging and the snow is taller than the blade of the shovel.

Take 2 of digging, Can you even tell?

Rolo climbing on the pile of shoveled snow! 

He's almost as tall as the Suburban now!

Our neighbors.

Elizabeth begins her tunnel.

Two littlest ducks in the snow.

Notice the pajamas that Keener is wearing.  Somebody snuck outside.  About 5 seconds later she starts to cry because she is cold.  Duh!

Rolo sitting on a pile of snow, he is having so much fun.  There are bushes underneath all that snow!

Our street looking west.

Our street looking east

After Digging the 2nd round, one more to go!

Front of house.

The bricks are almost covered!

Playground out back.

My path to the bird  feeders.  I refilled them.  Where else are the birds going to get food?

Back Door, we are not even bothering to try to get out here.

Back view of house.

That orange thing is the top to the T-ball stand.

I love icicles!

This lamp looked like it was wearing one of those Russian hats.  Made me smile.

After taking this picture I promptly shoved my way through the gate beside it and promptly brought all that snow down on my head.

This is one of many measurements.  Unfortunately we are having camera trouble, but we had about 28 inches of snow in 24 hours!

See my foot way down there, it was hard to walk through this snow to take pictures.

Luckily I had my path to walk back through.

I hope that you enjoyed them.  Whew! I'm tired!

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