Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

A lot of people have said that I was brave for taking the kids on a cross country trip.  
Foolish?  Maybe.  
Crazy? Definitely! 
Fun? Surely! 
Brave?  Hardly.
      Bravery is leaving your family, not knowing if they will ever see you again.  Bravery is loving them more than yourself. Bravery is choosing to love our country so much that your life has less value to you than the lives of others.  Bravery is choosing to stand up for the ideals of this country.  It is all about the choice.  Honey could easily have chosen to get out of the Navy instead of staying in the Reserves.  He easily could have left when it was obvious that everyone in the Reserves would at some point soon be going to war .  He could have done 1000 things to trick the system and avoid going to war, but that would be dishonorable.  Honorable men do what they know is right.  Bravery is the act of being honorable.
          I am not brave.  I did nothing honorable by taking the kids to "see America."  I merely took my children on a vacation that happened to be far away.  I choose to do that all the time.   I am not far from family.  My creature comforts of life surround me.  Other than having Honey here, there is nothing I need.  I am safe in our home.  I enjoy the freedom to go where I choose, eat and drink what I wish, and read and write what I  wish.  Honey (and the other soldiers with him) do not have any of these freedoms.  Those that are providing our freedom have none themselves.
     Today I want to thank you Honey for loving not only me, but all of us lucky enough to enjoy Freedom every day.  The sacrifices you make do not go unnoticed.  So if you meet a Veteran, please tell them thank you and be glad you have the Freedom to say it.


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

These truly brave men and their incredibly strong and patient families are in our hearts every day! Thank you for the sacrifices you all make and endure, from the bottom of those hearts!

Grouchy Historian said...

Well said...hey I hear the Vic is back in less than 50 days...that is awesome. I have been a total derelict about emailing him..I will make it up with beer of course when he gets home. Let us know.

Faith said...

What a beautiful post. My brother just went to Iraq for 9 months. I will give my sister-in-law your info! God bless you- we will keep your husband and family in our family rosary.