Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Little Blessings add up.

          Today I had the joy of going to church and seeing our friend, Father H--.  This week he was transferred to our parish to be the new parochial vicar.  We were sad to see Father F-- move to his new parish, but excited to see our friend.  We are looking forward to getting to see him every week.   It is truly a blessing to me that our friend was transferred to our parish.
          I am constantly amazed by the little blessings that are bestowed on me. Seeing this little blessing in my life make me really appreciate God's presence in my daily life.  I do not need to see God in a burning bush or have him speak to me.  I am happy to see Him in the world he created for us.  I am happy to see my little prayers answered and know that my bigger prayers will be answered, just not always (and most often not) the way I imagine them. God is good and I am grateful. I look forward to seeing each new blessing, facing His new challenges and enjoying the sweet little ones that He gave me to raise to praise Him.

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