Monday, July 13, 2009

Drinks Anyone?

Today, Honey's friend from Afghanistan Bri----- and Bri------'s fathercame by to bring us all of his alcohol. He is moving to Belgium and apparently you are not allowed to bring any alcohol with you. We were the lucky recipients of all the booze. Darn the bad luck, I really HATED being so helpful. Check it out. This is all from him. Thanks Bri-----!

And yes, we will have to have a big party once Honey comes home, so we can all have some. Until then, I think I may have to sample it!
While his Bri----- was here, Honey called so they got to chat for a few minutes. His father read Keener book after book after book. She kept bringing him a new one when he finished. He must be a great granddad! I think he read 10 books to her.

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