Friday, July 24, 2009

Juvenile Delinquent

So Keener got kicked out of childcare today, Lucky me! When I go to the gym, I take the kids to the childcare. Normally I get to workout in peace. Occasionally I get called for a scrape, but more often for a diaper change. Today, Keener decided that she needed to bite 2 kids. So although my other kids could stay, she had to go for 24 hours. Ughh! What a pain. My little diva is certainly a big pile of trouble. Too bad she's so cute. It's hard to stay mad at her. The next time she does this, she can't go to childcare for 3 days. I told Elizabeth, Christopher and Rolo that if she does it again, I'll put a football helmet on her. If you can muzzle a dog, I can muzzle my kid!

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