Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Elizabeth and I were having a quick conversation while looking at the world map this evening and cleaning the dishes. 
Elizabeth says. "Well, it's very popular with people in Canada, Mexico and the United States, but not that much to the people in Graceland?"

"Uh, ... Graceland?  Where are you talking about?" I replied.  Instantly I was drawn in from the distraction I had felt moments earlier.  Quickly trying to remember the subject matter, I asked myself  "What in the world would be so popular in North America, but not to the Presley family?"

Elizabeth answered, "You know, right beside Canada.  It's the big island."

Ahhhh ... 

"Honey, it's Greenland, not Graceland."

"Oh, ... well ... Greenland, Graceland what's the difference?!"

I couldn't help but laugh, but  I guess I need to work a little bit on geography!

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