Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Song is just a song, or is it?

Days are filled with good and bad,  Thank God for the good days and the sweet moments of life. Today I was serenaded by my almost 5 year old, Rolo.  Here are the versus (a little more was ad libbed).  The song went on for about 2 minutes with a couple repeats of this Chorus.
"I love my mommy, 
My Mommy is great.
Mommy is special.
I love my Mommy"
As if the song was not enough of a gift and blessing, I then got a huge hug and kiss and a whisper in my ear "I love you. You are the best Mommy".  What more could I ask for in this world?

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R said...

This entry brought tears to my eyes...I know Rolo likes to sing, but sometimes it is amazing to see how big his heart really is!!