Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Now and Then


As I attempted to look for the cord to the camera today, I came across this picture and could not help but want to show a Now and Then photo of Honey.   The cord is of course MIA, or rather it's been kidnapped by a child and is lost in some low lying country that I will never see. The newest photo is from Fort Jackson where the Navy sends it's best Submariners to join the NArmy.  Apparently the Army isn't able to handle a land war anymore and must rely on the experience and expertise of those who spent months surrounded by water??!  Sand, Water I guess its all the same.  As this last photo sent by Honey will surely attest too.

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R said...

It's hard to believe nearly twenty years have passed since I was preparing for that recon spirit mission before a football game at USNA!
It seems like only yesterday; now I am off serving in the NArmy. Although my office does not look like the bottom "photo" (provided to me by my office mate Shawn Thorsson), that was certainly an image running through my head as I was preparing for battle in Fort Jackson!!