Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh, I wish it was strep instead....

Christopher and Rolo have had the stomach bug this week.  As I [not eagerly] await the next one in line to be sick, I wonder why is this the disease we always get?  Why can't it be strep?  In the almost 10 years since Elizabeth was born, we have had strep one time.  At least since this is our family's "disease of choice", I am well prepared.  I keep Chux pads in stock in my house,  a special bucket, an isolation plan (to assist in decreasing the spread of the virus), and a good washing machine.  I have washed the couch cushions more times than I can remember even though they are "Dry Clean Only."  AS IF!!!  I'm already sick of the fabric on the couch, so who cares how long it takes for them to wear out!   The couch manufacturers should make everything machine washable to encourage us to wear them out and buy another couch.  
       On a more positive note, I am winning the battle of the clean room campaign.  The kids are not allowed to watch TV unless the playroom, living room, and their room is clean.  No exceptions.  Doesn't matter who got the toys out.  That is for them to figure out.  Bargaining is a useful life skill and this is the perfect opportunity for them to learn about making bargains, compromising, and how to effectively deal with people who aren't pulling their own weight.  I am soooooo loving this! Keep your fingers crossed that this continues to work.XX

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