Sunday, February 22, 2009

National Health Care

Today my adventures were quite sedentary.   I sat waiting in the military health clinic for a doctor, and thought, "Would it kill them to put chairs that were at least a little comfortable?"  I guess it helps weed out people from seeing the doctor.  Since it's Sunday I had to go to the "Emergency Room"  I say this in quotes because 98% of the people there had sinus infections like me and I only saw 2 people that had actual minor emergencies.   The blessing of the military ER's is that they rarely ever have real emergencies.  But after 5 hours of waiting, 6 minutes with the doctor, 5 minutes looking for my ID that they lost, & 10 minutes waiting for my bag of prescriptions, I asked myself,  "Why would I ever want National Health Care?"   This is the best that the government can do for the people that protect the country,  how bad would it be if they "cared" about all of us?

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