Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy days are here again.

Congratulations to Christopher on receiving the Sacrament of 1st Reconciliation!  Our friend Father H. was able to be the priest for him, which made it an extra special day.  We then went out to lunch with Father and boy was Keener a lunatic.  She climbed all up and down everything. Luckily Father H. is from a big family and enjoys all the children.    Sometimes though I wonder if he thinks we are all crazy!   
Rolo is at Auntie's house because we were having such a busy, busy day for Christopher and I was hoping to let him have more fun with his cousins than drug all over tarnation with me. He is right in between my identical twin sister's two younger kids and it makes it easy for him to find someone to play with.
On to more adventures,  After lunch, we raced off to the basketball game where Christopher managed to steal the ball from the other team about 20 times in the first half and shut them out from scoring.  Luckily for the other team, they had a good defensive too and Christopher was not able to score, but his teammate got one basket.  At halftime we raced off to the 1/2 of  lacrosse practice that we were able to attend. Christopher had a wonderful time.   All his practicing in the back yard must have paid off because at the end of practice his coach said that he had done really well and looked like he'd already played the game before!  I am very proud to know that his practice paid off.  He is in the U9 league and that means that some of the boys are 9 and some are 7 like him (okay, okay, he'll be 7 in 2 weeks... picky, picky.  He's 6 & 353/365ths).  He probably won't be one of the best players on the team this year (despite his desire to be), but it is good for him to have older boys to model proper lax skills.    Keener had a grand time at the practice.  The team practiced in a huge field house and only used half the field, so she ran all over the other half.  She sure wore me out!!  
Home again, home again jiggity jig, will I ever be out of the car? I do care a fig!  So is my day over, No.  I have a baby that needs her nap and a boy that needs to get cleaned and dressed for his Boy Scout Blue and Gold Ceremony.   Now that he's off having a grand time with all his friends and I can finally sit down and write a little for Honey before I must make dinner.   I'm tired.  It was much easier having a little baby to take care of than having even one kid to drive around town all day!  Despite all the time and energy, I do love it.  I love to see the smiles on their faces when they score a point, sing in a recital, catch the fly ball,  create a masterpiece, like this barbie interior design that Elizabeth built today.  
I love watching an imagination grow.   This truly is the best job in the world!

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