Friday, February 27, 2009


Christopher is a mad man on the basketball court. He scored 8 points in the last game and looks forward to practice. If it were up to him he would go everyday. He is one of the best defenseman on the team. Surprisingly, if I give him a bit of advice about how to play better, he really listens and applies what I suggested. I like seeing the natural competitive spirit in him. He is such a sports lover already. I don't have the heart to tell him that with his height genes, their ain't no way he's gonna make it to pro. Oh, well, why squash his dreams? He could always be the next Spud Webb!
His real love is lacrosse and his first season starts this weekend. He is so excited. Elizabeth has already started her 2nd season of playing lacrosse (lax). She is not quite as obsessed, but she loves that she has something in common with Daddy. He coached her team last year. Of course boy's lax is not the same as girls lax. You knew that right? Well, plant me on Mars and call me a tulip, because I did not know! For a few years while the kids were small Honey would say, "I will coach lacrosse when the boys are old enough." When Elizabeth wanted to play last year, I signed him up to be coach despite the fact that he told me that girl's and boy's lax were completely different. I thought, "Come on! How different can it be? a ball, a stick, a goal, a field. What's to know?! So to help Honey out I went to the library and got two books on coaching girl's lax for him to read. I decided to read the first chapter just for fun. After the introduction, I knew I had gotten him into a completely different game. So what did his great supportive wife do?
I tossed him the book and said "good luck!"

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R said...

Christopher certainly does not get any basketball skills from me; I am so bad I should get a point for just hitting the rim! I will take full credit for any lacrosse skills in Christopher and Elizabeth!!