Friday, March 12, 2010

2nd One & still going strong.

It is Christopher's 8th birthday today.  Wow!  Is my little boy really 8?  It seems like time barely moves on, but yet here I am celebrating 8 years of being his mother.  He is truly a wonderful and energetic boy.  I remember thinking, where did this baby come from?  Elizabeth was so calm and such a GREAT sleeper, that I was taken for quite a shock with him.  He was a fast delivery  (2 hours 5 minutes, literally the doctor ran into the room at the last minute)  and he hasn't stopped running yet.  He is also VERY consistent about waking up.  It is a rare day that he does not wake up at 7:00 am.   Energetic does not begin to describe him, but I do love watching him play.  He is always so busy.  It can be tiring, but there is such a pure joy of life, that it is hard to not just be happy and enjoy life too.  So Happy Birthday dear sweet boy.  Don't grow up too quick, your mama still wants to cuddle a little while longer.

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