Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another year older

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!  My dear Elizabeth is 11.  Wow, time sure does fly by!  I was thinking about the Sunday morning that I became a mother and she changed my life forever.  What a wonderful day!  It is hard to imagine that my sweet baby is almost all grown up.  Every year that she gets older, I wish she was younger.  I keep thinking that I am one day closer to not getting to spend every day with her.  Soon it will be  time for her to leave the nest.  I know I will never be ready for that, but time goes on and we must let them go no matter how hard it is.
In the meantime, back in the real world and out of my mopey dreams, we had a busy day.   I think Elizabeth had a lot of fun  which is all that really matters.  One of her friends and her cousin spent the night last night, then we went to church, had lunch and cake with her friends at home, then drove to a local indoor pool (Cub Run Rec Center) with water slides.   All the kids had fun.  The bonus was that the admission was less than expected, They charged us a family rate.  Yeah! How often does that happen that you save money unexpectedly? Normally it is the other way around.  
       My only word of caution is that I think the pool was not originally designed very well.  They have slides and play features for little kids (2-4 year olds) and two big slides for bigger kids (48"+).  There are no medium slides.  This makes it hard to take a 5-8 year old if they are short or scared of the really big slides.  Otherwise, the facility is nice and clean and easy to get to.

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