Monday, March 22, 2010

#5 Ultrasound

I went to have my 20 week Ultrasound today.  Here are pictures from Baby # 5.   I did not know that I was going to be having a 3-D Ultrasound, but I was glad to get to see the little sweet face.  What a great joy a little bit of technology can bring.  Baby's face is a little blurred at the chin because the placenta is in front.  This also explained why I have not been feeling a lot of the kicks.

 Baby was not cooperative, so we saw a lot more of Baby's behind than baby's face.  Oh!  I know I will have a fun one to deal with!   Here is a "moon" shot for all of us.  Made me laugh!

Here is the traditional side shot of the baby's head chest and arms.

A Picture of the baby's foot.  You can see the tip of the other foot also.

Picture of Baby's face with hand in front.  Baby was being very shy, but moving all around.  It took a long time just to see the heart and all the chambers.  Everything looked perfect.  Yeah, that is a relief.
At the end of all the tests, the baby is doing well and is growing big and on target.

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