Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

We took Rolo and Keener to Chuck E. Cheese for their birthday party today.  The party was after Rolo got out of his preschool, so most of his preschool class was able to come. I have to say that I HATE that place, but the children love it, so I force myself to be nice and take them once or twice a year.  I have learned the secret to going though and I will pass them along in a set of 5 rules.
Rule #1 NEVER  go when it is a school holiday.  In the middle of the summer is fine, but then you must follow rule #2.
Rule #2 Go Early in the morning or between 2-4 on a non rainy weekday
Rule # 3 Never go when it is raining.
Rule #4 Never go on a weekend, except for rule #5
Rule #5 The best time to go is early Sunday morning.  I know, what about church?  But that is WHY it is the best time to go.  This is when it is nice to go to Saturday Mass or got to an early church service.
By the way, the place was empty and CLEAN today.
The best part about going today is that I said "no more parties there. They are too expensive.", so now I get to avoid that place forever.  Honey can take them once or twice a year, but I get to stay at home and be content with silence.

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