Saturday, June 27, 2009

An Evening out

Tonight we went with my sister and her family to Annapolis to Anne Arundel Community College  to hear the Baltimore Symphony and watch the "4th of July" Fireworks show.  We ended up not being near enough to hear the symphony, but the kids had fun rolling down the big hill and playing with their cousins.  It was nice to relax and chat.  The fireworks were very nice, a very calm pleasant evening.
   Here is a picture from when we arrived.  The sun quickly set and then the fireworks started.  This is Christopher with our exchange student from Spain, N-♡-.  It is her 1st day with us.
The kids love her.  She is very nice and I am glad that I decided to host another student this year.  We had such a great time last year with P-✩- from France.  It is a nice break for Elizabeth to not be the oldest and the other kids really enjoy having a teenage sibling for a while.  I grew up with exchange students, so I was willing to try it out last year and it was so much fun, thatI thought I'd do it again.  

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