Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mall of America

          Today we went to the Mall of America.  It doesn't look that big from the outside.  Mostly because you only see one side of it at a time.  What really gets you at first is the size of the parking lot.  I realized very quickly that I needed to concentrate on where I was parking so that I could find my car a few hours later.   
          Christopher was SO excited.   He wanted to walk s l o w l y into the the mall to savor every moment.  Normally, trying to get this boy to walk slowly is challenge!   We then started to look for the stores that we wished to see.  The mall is enormous and no picture could really describe it, not that I took my camera.  I was too concerned about loosing the kids and I wanted to be concentrating on them. 
          For Elizabeth, we went to the American Girl Store first (because we found it first).  It was really neat to see all of the doll stuff in one place.  Since we are going to the American Girl Outlet in Oshkosh WI, we did not buy anything.   We then went to the Lego Store.  Christopher loved it, and of course we got some Legos.  I guess you can never really have too many Legos?!! I enjoyed seeing the kids having such a great time.   We stopped by the Apple store to ask a question,  Gap to get a pair of shoes for the diva and get a few pairs of pants that fit my skinny Minny Elizabeth, (that I don't have to alter, yeah!) and then onto the theme park.  There isa theme park inside the mall.  We luckily got to the mall late in the afternoon, so we were able to buy those ticket  1/2 price.  The kids had a lot of fun riding all the rides.  Elizabeth, Christopher and Rolo were able to ride most of the rides without me, so that made it easier.  I could let them ride on one, then take Keener to one her size.  We spent the rest of the night riding all the rides.  The lines were incredibly short, which made it a lot more fun.  I am glad we went, because the smiles were worth it.

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