Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Honey!  
     Talking about father's is not an easy thing for me.  My own strained relationship with my father make me really appreciate the relationships that Honey has with the children. Honey is so much better at relaxing with the children and just playing with them.  I tend to get wound up in the details of life.  He is no perfect man, but he is one great father.  Honestly, like I'd want a perfect man... what a pain that would be!!!  Until I saw Honey being a father, I don't think I ever appreciated what a relationship with my father could have been like.  The pure love and enjoyment that he gives and receives from being a father is what makes him a truly great father.  He has been just as excited to learn that we were going to have our 1st baby as he was about our 4th.  He loves being a father, just like his parents truly love being grandparents.    They have been so joyful whenever we have told them that we were having another baby.  Unfortunately many people do not react this way.  It is this love of life and creation that they taught their son, that makes him very special. 
       I guess fatherhood's like any job, if you don't love it then you won't always do your best work.  In his case, Honey has excelled and I know that it is paining him to be away from them today.  So Honey, Happy Father's Day!  You are a great one and we all love you very much!

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