Thursday, June 4, 2009

Too Bad the Surge Protector worked....

           Yes, it really is 2:41 in the morning and here I am writing to you.  I am still trying to leave on my trip, but tonight I had company.  I would say they were uninvited, but I did call 9-1-1 to get them!  So I guess I would say they were not anticipated company.  
          About an hour ago, I  heard a pop, smelled smoke and the whole house dimmed for about 30 seconds.  I jumped up ran to the garage where the circuit breakers are located passing the laundry room on my way.  The dryer was making an odd noise (I now know that it was just moving on a sporadic pulse due to the current).  I reacted by turning it off and yanking out the plug.  Next I checked the breakers and was about to check the house when I said to myself "Hey moron, they made the fire department quick to call for a reason!"  So, while talking to the 911 operator I smelled a little more smoke, but could not see anything after checking out all the rooms and the attic.  A few minutes later two trucks arrived and I was very grateful to see them.  I felt like an idiot since there was nothing obviously burning.  I hate to bring out the Calvary if it is nothing, but I feared that there might be something burning in the walls.  They did a good check of the walls and wires with some sort of heat detector that I had never seen before.  Thanks to Fairfax County for giving them the $ to buy something so useful.  It is nice to see my taxes not being wasted for a change.  They ended up finding that an outlet blew and is now non-operational.  Most likely from a power surge &/or faulty wiring.  The only thing plugged into the outlet was the surge protector (that had the TV, VCR, DVD players, and Satellite.).  So Honey, I am sorry to report that the surge protector worked and unfortunately so does your TV etc. (no replacement to buy boo hoo).   At least it is nice to know that the surge protector works. $25 bucks well spent!
          Ahh, the adventures that I am having while you are gone.  I am starting to wonder if I am a magnet for odd events?

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