Saturday, June 27, 2009

Muggy, I mean Buggy Saturday

Christopher found this walking around the house.  
It's a baby Preying Mantis.  For some reason we always have a lot of them.   There is a bush that often has the egg sacks in the fall. I'm not really an insect loving sort of person.  I'm more of a "step on it" or "Here's a magazine to kill it with" sort of gal.  But it is a bug that I really like.  Maybe because you can capture it and then feed it other insects.  A very interactive pet. 

We did not keep this one however.   We let him go.  I'd much rather have him (or her) growing strong and eating all the other insects that do bother me.

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alohavale said...

For the record, I've now seen 3 more. And no they were not the same one because they were smaller than the first one!