Friday, June 26, 2009

a REAL problem

The DVD player is not working because the VCR is stuck on the wrong channel and it's remote has died a long agonizing (for me) death!!!.  Don't you just love electronics?!  I know there is some way to reroute everything, but it's not my department.  I KNOW I could figure this stuff out, but I don't want to.  As I like to say "That's why I have a husband!"  So my solution was to get a universal remote and go from there.  I Went to Radio shack to get a universal remote that was "idiot proof".   The problem is the idiot that sold it to me!!!   The directions are a nightmare.  The only thing I can get to work off of it is the TV, yippee?! not exactly what I wanted.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (Besides throwing it out the window.  I actually like the VCR, )

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