Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Muggy, Raining, a Perfect [ly normal DC] Day.

Muggy, Raining, a Perfect [ly normal DC]  Day.
  We were going to leave 1st thing in the morning.  Translation, we left at noon.  Did I say that we were having a hard time adjusting after the trip?    We are going to spend the next few weeks showing  N♡- the sights around DC.  I told her that I could at least show her all the sites that are in the movies.  It makes sense right?  So we started with a picnic by the Jefferson Memorial.  
It is a nice place for a picnic since there is parking there.  And I had the most shocking thing happen to me when parking.   We were circling the [one directional] lot to find a space.  A man walking by said that his space was 4 cars BEHIND me.  Ugh!  So I moved over to the side so he could pull by once he was unparked, but gave up on the spot.   The car behind me, backed up and gave me the spot that was vacant.  I am still in shock.  Who would have thought someone would be THAT NICE!!!! and in D.C. TOO!!!  So thanks to the nice gentleman.  I hope that he had a VERY nice day.  It just goes to show that it's worth it to pray when you park.  I had told N♡-, that the key to parking was to circle once then start praying, it always works.  
just not normally this nicely.
So here is the Dumbo at the Smithsonian, for those of you who were never 3?  
Uhh, so where's the melted ice cream? 
The spilled coke?
the chewed up chewing gum? They always make the ride so much more fun!

Here's proof that N♡- saw Kermit, the camera is not acting right!!!!!
Is it me or does this guy really steal the show?! He looks just like the guy Sam (Bruce Campbell) from Burn Notice to me.
Here's a cop eating watermelon while riding a horse.  Enough said.

In front of the Washington Monument.

Closer to the Monument.
The Jefferson Memorial
Somebody trying to steal my car.

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