Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Busy Day

          From 9:15 this morning to 10:15 tonight, I was not at home for longer than 1 hour.  This was my first weekend with two baseball games and a lacrosse game, not to mention picture day for lacrosse for Christopher, and a birthday party to attend for Elizabeth.  There was also something for CCD that we never made it to.  It was a crazy day and I'm exhausted, but at least the kids had fun with their sports and at least it made the time pass more quickly.  I would much rather have a busy schedule while we wait for Honey to come home.   There is nothing worse than waiting for time to pass.  It is better to be busy.
          Keener loves playing at the ball fields because there is always something to explore and she can climb and get dirty.  She finds happiness in simple things like dandelions, gravel and of course... mud.   Today it was all three.  At Christopher's baseball game she scared the other parents by climbing up and down the bleachers (they are not that high-maybe 6 feet). I guess I am so used to her climbing high, that it hardly phases me anymore.  Seriously, when you recognize the staff at the ER, you know you've been there a lot!  It's also hard to be worried when you start to think: "I know how to sew, I have a needle and some thread, I have neosporin, why should I waste 4 hours and a couple hundred $$$'s?" 

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