Sunday, April 26, 2009

Church Take 2

The boys spent the night with Nana and Granfer last night since Christopher had a boy scout event somewhat close to them today.  They were going to Brownie Beach/Bayfront Park in Maryland.  I am sure they had a blast.  Granfer used to take Honey and his brothers there when they were little kids.  So Keener and Elizabeth and I went to Mass without the boys today.  It was a little crazy still, since Keener is LOVING to tell all the babies to be quiet.  I am praying that she will be quiet too! ! !  
After that we went to Elizabeth's Lacrosse game.  It was about 95 degrees outside and HOT! HOT! HOT!  To think that last week I had the heat on!   Spring is nice, but I wish we could have a little less fluctuation and few more moderate days.  

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