Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good News Bad News

No pranks for April Fools Day, although I do think I'll do it next year when I have Honey to help.  Unfortunately today I had a repeat of Monday with one less  doctor appointment.  We only had 4 doctor appointments today.    To think, today was all for well visits!  The good news is that Keener has finally stopped slipping in her weight %.  She has leveled off at 2%.  When your child goes off the growth charts in the negative direction and is still declining, it is not fun.  Most other people would not be thrilled to hear that their child is in the 2% growth range.  I am thrilled.  It is much better than -10%.  The phrase "failure to thrive" just kills a mother's heart.  I am so tired of the phrase.   It appears that her allergies were the cause of her inability to gain much  weight.  Thank you to my dentist Dr Alejandro for telling me about his daughter's allergies.  Otherwise I would not have pushed to get Keener allergy tested.  
   The bad news is that Christopher is almost ready to have his braces on (there's another $2000 I won't see) The Orthodontist said possibly as soon as 6 months away.  He was the one child I was hoping to avoid braces with, oh well!

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