Sunday, April 5, 2009

Elizabeth's Lacrosse

       Elizabeth had her turn playing lacrosse this weekend.  The weather was perfect, upper 70's light breeze, sunny.  I sure do love spring. But for some reason, it seems that I barely get to watch her even though I am there for the whole game.  Oh wait! I know why-Keener
        Today was better than most games because there was a playground at one end of the field on a hill.  I could watch Elizabeth and let Keener, Rolo, and Christopher play.    I was able to watch while Keener went up the stairs, down the slide, up the stairs, down the slide, up th ... (you get the picture).  Since Elizabeth plays middie, she doesn't have as many scoring opportunities as her brother since he plays attack, so no scores yet this year.  She did score several last year, so I expect her to this year as well.  Before you ask me, no I do not know the difference in the positions.  I only know that the middie stays in the middle of the field and the attackman stays near the ball.   I think?! 
         It is interesting how different Elizabeth and Christopher's are in their style of play.   Elizabeth is more of a mental player and tries to cut off the route of the opposing team players rather that attack.  This tends to be quite effective in driving the opposing team into a corner and forcing them to pass.  Christopher is pure attack.    I am glad they both love the game it is nice for them to have something in common with their Daddy.  

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V-squared said...

It took me the better part of 38 years to score my first goal in a lacrosse game; both Elizabeth and Christopher beat that mark! I will have to try harder my next season with the Bad Backs Lacrosse Club!