Monday, April 20, 2009

Bye Bye

After our fun time at church this morning, we went to watch Elizabeth play lacrosse.  Keener and Rolo had fun on the nearby playground, Christopher enjoyed playing basketball with another kid and I glanced from my post at the playground wistfully towards my folding chair that I had hoped to actually sit in.  Oh well, another day...
   Then we drove to my sister's house (an hour away) to drop off and pick up stuff.  Then off to visit my in-laws for a little while (they live close to my sister).  They took the kids and I out to dinner mostly because I called and said "Hi, We're going to be in the area.  Do you want to take us out to dinner?"  How's that for being blunt?  So they took us out and the kids behaved, a first!  They never seem to behave when we go out with the grandparents, so that was a real treat for me.  Of course I think the sweetest moment of the night came when we were saying goodnight and giving hugs and kisses.  Keener got very agitated because she wanted to give Nana another hug.  So she gave her Nana a big hug and kiss and said in her not very quiet, wake the dead voice,"Bye bye! Bye Bye!"  It is so sweet to see her loving her Nana.

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