Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dream world vs Reality

While Honey is gone, I am desperately trying to hold down the fort, and get both the house and myself into shape.   As you have seen in previous blogs, the house is slowly but surely on it's way to a better (and cleaner) existence.  So now it is time to work on myself.  I need to loose weight like everyone else, so I am joining a gym with daycare so that I can make myself a priority.  I find that as a mother it is hard to make myself a priority.  It is as if I am skimping on my children.  The truth is that my children can easily see that I am a happier person when I take a time for myself.  We'll see if both the house and I can be prettier and healthier when Honey comes home.  The balance will be in what is realistic vs what I want to happen.  I will never be my over-organized mother, but I do not need to be a slob like my father.  I hope I will find the balance that I so desperately need.  So here's to spring cleaning and a happier healthier life!

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