Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Oldie

This is an oldie but goodie about our family (August 2007). It should be noted that you always risk a trip to the ER if you plan on going on vacation with us. Just ask me about leaving for Disneyworld! Maybe I'll post that on another day.

This happened two days before we were going to leave for the beach.
Story of our week:
The disposal broke.
We bought a new one.
Honey started to replace.
Christopher & Rolo were helping Honey by holding the flashlight and handing him tools.
The new disposal fell out of the box.
Hit Rolo's Toe.
The toe is broken, 3 stitches, 4.25 hours @ ER.
Disposal's Fine
Moral of the story... it would have been cheaper to hire a plumber...

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