Saturday, April 4, 2009


A constantly changing schedule for Saturday has plagued me all week.  I had to be in Maryland to attend the annual Meeting of GSCNC as one of our Service Unit's delegates.  This meant that I needed someone to watch all the kids.  Arranging the schedule was difficult at best.  In the end, my  twin sister watched 3 of the kids (thank you sis!) while Christopher's Lacrosse coach took him all day (thank you coach).  This made him happy since it meant that he would be able to play in the game.  I am sad to report that I missed seeing my sweet lacrosse fanatic score his first goal.   Yeah for him, boo hoo for me.  Since he was upset about not scoring in the last game, I know that he put his mind to it this time.  I am very proud of him. I am sure he will score again.  He is so competitive, that I can hardly imagine that being the only time he scores.  Maybe next time I'll have my camera ready and snap a photo for Honey!

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