Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love hate relationship with rain

          Yesterday was a little scary.  I took the kids to their Lacrosse practice before CCD (like usual).  Then I went to fill up the car with gas.   I was on empty and hoping that the car would not stall because it had no gas.  (This is something that Honey does for me since I hate doing this.)  When I finished filling up and was driving back home, I saw lightning and a storm coming.  I knew I needed to hurry and get the kids from their practices. Of course I then had the pleasure of sitting in our horrible traffic (I SOOOOO want to move from here!!) while the downpour with thunder and lightning was going on.  I was very  anxious over the safety of the kids.  Of course they were safe, because their coaches are intelligent people that would not let them remain outside in the storm; but Christopher's practice area has no building to hide out in, so I was very concerned about where they would be.  I love thunderstorms, I just don't love it when my kids are out in them.  
          One of my favorite things to do is curl up in a chair with a  book on a rainy day.    It is actually one of the things I did not like about Hawaii.  (And I LOVE Hawaii!!)  Hawaii has very few thunderstorms a year (about 5).  So while we lived in Hawaii I really missed them.  I was really glad when we moved to Norfolk and were able to have a good thunderstorm.  The best part about Norfolk was the covered front porch where I could sit on the swing and read while it rained.  It just goes to prove that simple things in life can make a soul happy.  So in honor of Earth Day, go read a book Hmm, maybe that's not very really earth friendly, but go read a book anyway.  It's good for you!

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