Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chuck E. Pleeeeeaaaasssseee!!!!!

I finally indulged my children and allowed them to have a party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Craziness and expensive bad food that kids somehow love!   The kids had a great time and for that I am grateful.  Rolo celebrated with his preschool classmates and a few homeschooling friends for the older kids.  They had a great time and I am glad that I was smart enough to have the party on a weekday afternoon.  There was no crowd.  So, now that I can check that off of my list of things to do (and not repeat!!!) in my life, I am happily past the 3rd of four birthdays and looking forward to being done with Birthday month.  Poor Keener, I will always be grateful when her birthday is over since it will mark the end of the Birthday season in our house.

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