Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lacrosse Begins for #2

      Christopher drug me out in the rain to watch Navy play Georgetown today. (They won-yeah!).  After that he went to his first Lacrosse game today.  He looked great out there.  I think his practice is paying off.  He does a good job of catching and throwing, especially for his first year playing.  He looked like he had a lot of fun, but he was disappointed that he did not score a goal. He did have an assist though.  I told him he can work on his skills and try again in the next game.  I have no doubt that he'll do it, he just needs to not forget that he's on a team!  My sports nut is at it again. (He's #2 Red in the photos, with the green pants.  Did I ever say he was color coordinated?)

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