Thursday, March 5, 2009


"Patience is a virtue." 
I say this to Christopher almost every day.  Of course, I wish someone would stop and say it to me every day!  Today we played a nice "relaxing" game of Sorry!  If, by relaxing, you mean pulling Keener off the table every 30 seconds, taking away the game pieces that she continued to steal because they were "candy", and constantly reminding each kid to take his or her turn.  I was Soooo glad when the game was over!  It certainly was a lesson in patience for me today! The good news is that the kids had fun and are doing great at working together.  I lost of course, but not for lack of trying to win.  The cards were stacked against me!  
        This is such a great example of how their attitude, since I have started homeschooling, is so different.  It is amazing.  They nicely reminded each other to go next, they didn't skip anyone on purpose, & there was no taunting.  Dare I say, that they seem to be developing friendships amongst themselves?  Not that they are angels every day, but that would be a little dull I think.  
I am grateful to be able to teach them & let them teach me too. Thank you Honey for believing in me and letting me give homeschooling a try. One of the best parts is the "tips". When I am tired and stressed, Rolo always knows and gives me a hug, a kiss and an "I love you Mommy".  He really keeps me sane some days.  

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