Thursday, March 12, 2009


March is the Month of Birthdays in our house.  Today was child #2.  It is amazing how it truly does not feel like 7 years since Dr. Farr was running into the delivery room to try to catch my baby.   Okay, delivery my baby. (Really, truely it was catch...)
    What a crazy world of energy the doctor brought into my life.  Even today he was go! go! go! all day long.  He came to wake me up this morning by telling me that I had not told him "Happy Birthday" yet.  In my groggy state, all I could reply was "I said it last night at 12:30".  Ughh, I am NOT a morning person.  He most certainly is!!!  I always say that I only want to see the sun rise because I stayed up to see it, not because I got up to see it.
   Christopher definitely keeps me hopping and I am eternally grateful for such a wonderful boy.  He just keeps my supply of hugs and kisses full.  He has told me that when he is grown up, I have to see him on his birthdays so he can give me a kiss.  Make my heart go pitter patter!

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