Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Cake

Today Christopher made a crazy cake for Boy Scouts.  Here's the basic idea of the event: the boys bake a cake then decorate it.  Let them be creative, and see what happens.  Then they "auction" the cakes off, but only the boys can bid.  The max bid is $20.  He got to decide what he was making, so with all the Easter stuff in the store, he went with a "dirt cake" in an Easter basket (bucket). Here is the picture of his cake that he made which went for the max bid of $20.  Congrats to him for being creative!  Well, I'm sure all the candy had a little to do with it!  
Here is the description of his cake that was on an index card for the viewing table.
Easter Bunny Basket Cake
Created by Christopher 

A Crumbled white cake is mixed with a crumbled chocolate brownie cake.  Resembles “dirt”.  “Dirt” is filled with jellybeans.  It’s all ready to start your own Jellybean garden! Basket is filled with “grass” icing , more jellybeans and a few surprises from the Easter Bunny.

The second picture is of the cake that he won, he paid $2 for the one he bought.  It spells CIA, the picture didn't take too well because of the foil it's sitting on.  The theme was supposed to be "When I grow up", but they said to just let the younger boys be creative and if it happens to fall into the theme, then great.   I guess Christopher wants to be the Easter Bunny when he grows up!

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