Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mothers vs Fathers

At my local homeschool family night, a few other parents and I were playing Blokus (check out how to pronounce it, too)  and chatting. Keener had been acting like a hamster.  She was busily stuffing food in her mouth and storing it in her cheeks.  She finally reached the point where nothing else would fit, so rather than try to swallow any, she took option B,  Spit it out.  She was pointed away from me towards another mother  (Mrs. P) who instinctively put out her hand to "catch" the gunk.  Luckily for Mrs. P's hand, I grabbed a cup and slipped it under Keener's mouth just in the nick of time.  This started a discussion:  What would a mother in this situation do vs what would a father do, if the child was not your own?.  Mrs. B said that her husband would have scooted his chair back and gotten away.  All the dads at the table all agreed with Mrs. B.  They were not about to catch a child's chewed up food unless they had to.  All the mothers agreed that gross or not, we would have just caught the gunk.  So here's  a cheer to all you mothers helping each other out with the grossness but necessity of life.

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Michelle said...


it was nice to meet you on Friday, even if I did miss this particular incident (maybe that's a good thing).

Thanks for the offer for help - and please let me help you, too. I'm just happy that I won't be the only one with a deployed spouse.

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Michelle (Bill's wife)