Monday, March 2, 2009

Straightjackets for all my kids!

Keener is manic girl at the basketball games for Christopher lately.  She keeps wriggling out of my arms and running out on the court.  Thank God for overalls, at least I have built in handles to grab her.   Luckily. she's only stopped the game once... If it wasn't so funny, I might be more embarrassed.   I would buy a straightjacket, but it won't help.  Both boys have been put in one and strapped down in the ER while getting stitches, and they both GOT OUT!!   My kids are way to wriggly for the simplistic notion of a straightjacket!   

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V-squared said...

I remember Christopher getting out, but do not recall when Rolo accomplished that feat! It would not surprise me to see him do it, that's for sure!