Sunday, March 29, 2009

Final Four

Today was Keener's 2nd Birthday.  How did my baby get so BIG!  She is talking up a storm, the funniest is when she tells her "knock knock" jokes.  It just makes you laugh because a baby is telling you a joke!  She is such a little spitfire and boy is she fast.  She can run and climb so fast it is amazing.  Much faster than the other kids, but I guess that's what happens when you want to keep up with the big kids.
   To celebrate, my dear friends Uncle B (Christopher's Godfather) and Aunt A came over with their own littlest baby (who's now 15!) and their grandson R- (he's 3).    R- gets along so nicely with Rolo that it is always a pleasure to have him come over.  He loves being around all the big kids and they are so good with him.  I barely notice that there is another kid around except it REDUCES the bickering to have him around!  Needless to say I wish they would come over ALL the time!  We had beautiful weather and Uncle B grilled dinner and we ate cake.  It was a wonderful day for me because I got to have an adult conversation, a glass of wine, and dinner with friends and my sweet kids.  What a wonderful day!  The only thing missing was Honey.

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