Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Record =5

Today I had 5 doctor appointments, a new record for me.  The most I had previously had was three.  Yippee for me!  I sometimes wish I had gone to medical school, so I would at least be paid for all the time I spend in the doctor's offices!!! The forms are what really kill me.  While the government was annoying us with another piece of paper to sign-HIPAA- a totally useless piece of junk that only lawyers care about--Yes that's right, you heard me! the rest of us DO NOT CARE!    Anyway, the government should have invested the time to create a standard intake form, with name address, next of kin and insurance information.  A short family history form and a long family history form, and a "Yes I read HIPAA" form. If I could bring those papers with me to any doctor appointment then it would save me 30 minutes a doctor filling out this junk.  It literally took me longer at the GI doctor's office to fill out the forms than time I spent with the doctor and Dr. Lee is one of those doctors that spends a lot of time with you.   Come on AMA help a patient out already!!!

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