Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late lunch

My first day with both Lacrosse practice and CCD (Catholic Catechism Class) was craziness indeed.  We now have to eat dinner at 4:30! in order to be at lacrosse practice at 5:15.  I never understood why other families would eat that early, but now I know.  It feels so odd to eat that early.  It feels like a late lunch.  
We of course were still rushing out the door, but what else is new? When I am early it shocks me more than being late or squeezing in right on time.  Going down our usual route, there was an accident that blocked the road and we had to detour.  My sweet Christopher suggested saying a prayer for the people in the accident.  At least something I am doing is getting results.  I am proud of my baby for his thoughtfulness.

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