Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No offense to any Dominicans

On our way to CCD today Elizabeth and I were chatting about the upcoming election next Tuesday (a special election to fill a vacancy).  There are signs everywhere for Moon (D) and Cook (R).  Northern Virginia has become a battleground area for the Democratic Party (previously only a Republican area).  The Republican Party lost a great number of seats last November and also in February (The 1st Round of Special Elections).  Knowing this, Elizabeth asked if it was illegal to have only the Dominicans in office.   I replied, "Uh, I think you mean Democrats Elizabeth..."   I guess I REALLY need to get working on that Geography now!
    From my soapbox: Don't ever miss an opportunity to vote in an election.  Too many people fought for that freedom to be blasé and think it doesn't matter.  

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